What does a web developer do? – job role

Do you want to move your career in a path which is having a bright future? A report of “Bureau of Labor Statistics” shows that the job demand of website developer will increase to 15% within 2026. It reveals that the requirement of web developer will gradually increase year to year from now on. Another report shows that a web developer gets $61,512 per year and with some years of experience he/she makes 1$08,000 per year. So the job of a web developer is very attractive.

The Role of a web developer

The role of a web developer varies from organization to organization. In some organizations, the task of a web developer is very specific while in some other organization the task of the web developer is very big. Some web developer has to look after design, development, testing and all other related tasks of web development. But the primary tasks of the website developer are mentioned below:

  • Creation of user-friendly webpages
  • Turning the UI design into a lucrative website
  • Solving the bugs
  • Co-operating the project manager and designers to stick the budget, scone and expected outcome.
  • Life using of code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL etc)

Education requirement for a Web developer

Education requirement also varies from organization to organization. Generally, a degree in website development is needed for this type of job. Sometimes it requires a bachelor degree. For manager or some other senior posts, masters is needed with experience.

Experience requirement for a Web developer

For entry level or intern, no experience is required. But for mid-level job 2-3 years’ experience in related field is required.

Technical skills for a Web developer

This job needs some sets of skills. It is reminded you that, if you don’t have skills on this field, do not move into this profession. Some common skills required for the job of web developer are given below.

  • Clear knowledge on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL
  • Knowledge on PHP and Python is a plus
  • Understanding UI and UX
  • Some basic knowledge on Photoshop and illustrator.
  • Basic knowledge on SEO is a plus

Apart from the skills, web developers need some motivations like they have to hungry for learning new programming languages. They also need to have the enthusiasm to work in this field otherwise it would be difficult for them to continue. Some times it needs more time than imagine regarding a development. So passionate people are highly encouraged to enter this field.

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